5 sneaky ways to remembering names..

Remembering names can be a hurdle as well tiresome. How are we meant to remember each and every person? Aren’t there like a billion more people on this earth?Am i meant to remember all of them? Yes and No. Our brain has a lot of things to remember , important things that it needs to remember in order to survive. However among the ladder on how to survive is social interactivity. ‘Man is not an island’. Yeah, yeah i know you will try to justify how the current ranked billionaires in the world are buying their own islands but before they got to their self-actualization they needed to know people’s names. How else were they able to get people to build partnerships that got them where they are today.They knew how important human-interaction is . So to get back to the main agenda,remembering names helps to improve your social life as well as create good networks for your business.  So here are a few tips to help you be a ‘Guru’ in knowing names:

Trick # 1: Believe that you can remember

It may seem simple but its the most powerful trick of all, believe that you can remember. This law helped me a lot, if i had known it was as simple as that i would have saved my social life a long time ago. You see i always used to believe that remembering names wasn’t “in my genes”.Unlike my other siblings who would remember everyone that they had met by name i was unfortunate to inherit the genes of forgetting. I had labelled myself as the one who was only good with faces but bad at names. It was until i started asking myself “Why not me ?” That  i began to pay an interest to people’s name. Before i just thought name where simply just words but when i started putting meaning to them, repeating the names slowly in my head, i began to  enjoy meeting new people and learning their names.

Trick #2: Association

As soon as someone introduces their name try to associate that name with someone you know, Their first alphabet of their name with a rhyming word or it can be in the meaning of their names..example: Someone is called  Makutano (Kiswahili meaning for ‘place for meeting ‘) you can relate that to their name.

Trick #3:Create a mental picture

I usually find that when i picture someone’s name in my head, i will remember it. For me, i am able to remember things that i see better than the things that i hear. Having identified this as my strength i can write do someones name so that i remember it or i can picture the name in my head. Whether your best way of remembering is through visual or hearing or even smell use this ability to help jog your memory.

Trick #4:Frequently mention their name

During conversation, use the person’s name as often as is comfortable. They will appreciate the attention and saying it out loud will help to solidify the name in your mind, which will make it easier to put a name with a face later.

Trick #5:Ask questions.

Ask a question about the person’s first or last name. Where are they from? Is there a story behind their name? If the name is difficult to pronounce, repeat it slowly and let the person correct you until you get it right. This will help you remember it, but it also serves the purpose of ensuring that someone knows you care enough to get it right. As business becomes more global, this is critically important.


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