Online Security-A clever hippie way

LOCKSS– stands for Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe

– It is based at Stanford University Libraries.

How does it work?

I am glad you asked that question. LOCKSS  is a digital preservation tool and support that enables libraries to preserve their own e-content material. It preserves the original publisher’s format and can be easily accessed.(How great is that!!!)

So instead of  only having books in the library that may get old and torn you can use this tool preserver to store your content for a long-term. This method of storage will also make your library stay relevant in today’s world were most people access their journals and articles via web.

Just when you think LOCKSS can’t get any better, it in addition provides an open-source software for the library with an annual fee ranging from $1,080 – $10,800 .dataflow

You can visit to get full benefits of the LOCKSS program. 😀


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